About three months ago someone in our church had an idea. Rather than give one toy to hundreds of kids, let’s give hundreds to a few kids. Rather than send checks to an impersonal organization, let’s personally hand checks to families who live right around the corner.

We’ve always said the best stories will be your stories. When God plants a seed one individual and the church helps it grow. This is one of those stories.

This Christmas, Renaissance invited three families to a feast. Most of their kids go to the school we call a church on Sundays. We had never met these families before, but like many in this country, they had felt the aftershocks of an economy on the fault line. We told them Santa would bring a few gifts for their kids, but they had no idea what else was in his bag.

Christmas bail-out doesn’t quite fit – more like a long term investment of hope.

Christmas 2008 from RenBible on Vimeo.