Renaissance means, “Rebirth or Awakening.”  Back in 2007 a group of 5 couples decided to start a church reaching the NE Charlotte /Concord area. We read an article in the Charlotte Observer that asked readers to describe Charlotte in six words or less.  One person said, “Where Buffalo comes to get warm.”  Another said, “Too many drivers, too few highways.”  But the one that struck us was, “Plenty of churches, so little soul.”  Our city needs an awakening.  Renaissance Bible Church exists to wake up the soul of suburbia with the good news of Jesus Christ.  We want to wake up those who feel isolated in a highly mobile culture.  We want to wake up those who think church is simply a Sunday destination when it’s really about following a person, Jesus Christ, 24/7.  We want to wake up religious people to the freedom promised by the Gospel: that Christianity is far more about what God has done for us than what we do for God.