Tomorrow we begin a new series titled Greatest Love Songs: A Look at the Song of Solomon. I look forward to hearing what God’s Word has to say about the beauty of love and sex. That’s right, we’re talking about love and sex. If you’ve read the book there’s no way around it! I want you to know my heart as a father because I have young children. When I preach a passage of Scripture I always want to consider my audience. This series will be no different. We have 12 year-olds, singles, married, divorced, parents, retirees, etc. in the service and I think this book has something to teach us all.

Parents, I want you to know I’ll be sensitive. I’m not a shock jock. I’m not going to go out of my way to make students (or their parents) squirm, but at times I might. The Song of Solomon talks about the beauty of love and sex and so we’re going to do what we try to do each week–let the text do the talking.

Tomorrow we’ll get a look behind the music and discuss the dangers and joys of walking through the book. It will give you an idea of what to expect in the weeks ahead. See you soon.