Jen Right Now

Jen Nine Months From Now

It’s really the unknown that drives you crazy.

The past year has been stressful enough so we thought we’d go ahead and add a new baby onto the anxiety meter. We redlined a long time ago with starting a new church, moving, remodeling a 15 year-old house, and marrying off a sister. When Jen called and told me the news, I just said, “Yep.” And then I gushed with joy!

So February will answer a ton of questions.

Boy or girl?

Brantley wants a girl and Palmer wants a boy. We’re not sure if it’s because they really care about the child or because whatever the sex of the baby determines who gets the bunk bed in their room. You can imagine their anxiety over the next 33 weeks.

Will the baby have Jen’s good looks or my all-star athletic physique?

Will the baby be colicky like Palmer or sleep like a fish under water like Brantley?

Interesting that our journey with the baby feels all too similar with the church.

What will this church look like in February?

Will it grow slowly or quickly? Will we have money spilling out of the coffers or praying someone hits the lottery? When people walk into our midst will they sense a mission or the mundane?

It’s really the unknown that drives you crazy. Glad God already has been forming our baby’s innermost parts.