Some records are made to be broken. Except the one Don Gorske set. He just ate his 23,000th Big Mac today. That’s a lot of special sauce. But every year people from around the world in an effort to get in that Guinness book pick up a jump rope, slam some hot dogs and set up dominoes. Jumping rope bores me and I like hot dogs in moderation, but those dominoes are cool.


That’s the world record. A game show in the Netherlands pulled it off. I just feel bad for the guy on staff who got the memo:

1. Clean bathrooms on the 3rd floor
2. Change bulbs in conference room
3. Set up 4 million dominoes for world record attempt

I couldn’t find the you tube video about those who set up each individual domino. Guess they figured it wouldn’t get much airtime. Apparently it took hundreds of volunteers working around the clock for weeks. It only took 2 hours to topple them. This 2 minute video does little justice.

But how fun would it be to push the first domino.

In Ephesians Paul says, “For we are his workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” After God created each one of us, He started setting up dominoes. He called them “good works.” Then He asks us – do you want to push them over?

Can you imagine setting up all those dominoes and then saying, “Alrighty, we’re done here.” Every kid will tell you. Dominoes are meant to be knocked down. But in our world, when God sets them up, I’m tempted to leave them standing.

I’ve discovered believing in God is not nearly as tough as believing He wants to use me. Before eternity began, God set up good works for each one of us. It may be to start a business. Go on a mission trip. Help a single mom with the yard work. Play on the worship team. Lead a small group. Feed the homeless. Teach kids how God makes them GREAT. The dominoes have been set up. We’ve been prewired with all the skills, talents, and personality we need. Just one thing remains. A little push.

I like how Paul uses the word, “walk.” Not sprint. Not run continuously for a long time. Just put one foot in front of the other. He’s put you on that cul-de-sac. He knew about the estranged family member in your life. He’s given you the intellect to study and the voice to teach. He gave you those kids, and you can’t give them back! If you think about it, He’s done the hard work. He just wants to know…

What domino will you push over today?