Summer is a good thing. I’m a big fan. I always have been since I was 5 and old enough to understand the school calendar. I love the long days & warm weather… to a point! I could do without anything in the 90s. I’m also a big fan of the days spent at the pool watching the kids swim, play with friends & eat. And eat. And eat. Ok, I don’t love everything about summer. I could do without the growing grocery bill, but other than that I’m very pro-summer & would probably vote for it if spring wasn’t running.

While I love the summer months, summer can also be a dangerous season for me. It’s not dangerous because our children, like their parents, are about as pasty white as they come. That’s a different kind of dangerous. I find summer personally challenging because it alters my normal routine, can breed laziness with relationships, & becomes fertile soil for a lack-luster effort in my relationship with God.

Summer alters my routine. Some people may thrive without a schedule, but I’m not one of them. I need routine in my life. Excessive free time, down time, and “me time” isn’t a recipe for thriving. In fact, given the right conditions it can be a recipe for disaster.

Life still happens in June, July & August. Please, by all means, rest! But don’t take a break from the things that matter. This summer make this a point to ponder: Exercise your faith muscles as much as you tone your midsection. Learn a verse a week. Read a Psalm a day. Open your table & practice hospitality. Make it a point to make it to worship with your church family. You’ll find that practicing these disciplines will actually enhance your summer and, more importantly, your relationship with God & others.