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Prayer on Sunday Mornings

You’re invited to gather with us on Sundays from 9:15-9:45am upstairs at the YMCA to pray for our church family as well as our friends and neighbors in our community. Please consider joining us.

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Cookies for Kairos

Billy Gordon and Wes Richardson are joining a team leading a Kairos retreat for around 40 inmates at the medium security prison in Bennetsville, SC from April 12-15THEY NEED HOME BAKED COOKIES!The whole Kairos team will assemble 3,000 – 3,500 dozen cookies that will be distributed to all the inmates and guards within the prison. We call these Agape since it is a small act representing the love of Christ to these prisoners.

Wes and Billy need a total of 200 home baked cookies to take with them on their mission. Please consider baking and donating cookies for their trip.Simply bake, pack in a ziplock bag, and drop off at RenCentral no later than April 8th!

A couple of requirements:  NO nuts of any kind, NO powdered sugar, and NO pieces of Fruit.

As you’re baking and packaging, please PRAY.  The mission is not to just fill stomachs, but to extend the love of Christ so that they men may come to know Jesus!

For planning purposes, please click to let us know you are planning to help Billy and Wes make their goal.

Click to let us know you can help!

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