What’s your poison?  Is it your TV? Email? The Internet?

What distracts you? Your Playstation? The Radio? Your Blackberry?

When you step back and assess your life, it becomes very evident that there are distractions all around.  We all live in a barrage of communication that constantly demands our attention.

Unfortunately, these demands for our attention work—we lead distracted lives.  These diversions make it very easy to jump from one fix to another, but make it very hard to focus on one thing, much less the most important thing.   As Christians,  one of  our main  desires should be  to hear and listen to God.  But with the distractions that are constantly bombarding us, it is very difficult to hear, much less listen to God.  And when we cannot listen, we cannot be led.  If we cannot be led, how then do we gain discernment for the questions of life?

What are the questions in life where you desperately need discernment?  With your family?  With your job?  With money? With relationships? With where God is sending you?  With your mission?

When we look at Matthew 4 we see that before Jesus embarked on his mission, he spent 40 days fasting in the desert (does anyone want to volunteer for that?!).  And we can see that even when tempted by Satan,  his focus and attention remained on God.  He was able to discern and listen to God.  This week as you are fasting from your distractions, it is our hope that you will be able to discern some answers for the questions of life, discover your mission, and above all LISTEN to God.

Pray through these four ideas:

1)      Thank God for being a God who sends.

2)      Ask for forgiveness from the moments you are distracted.

3)      Ask God about the areas you desire discernment.

4)      Thank God for doing his work.