Don’t forget!

Sunday, January 20th we took a step away from Hebrews in order to spend time talking about our church culture. For those of you who missed the message I thought I’d give a brief summary. I suggested that Sunday morning is a meal. In order to receive the meal each Sunday we need:

People to set the table. Whether it is setting out signs on Friday night or setting up a place of worship on Sunday morning, we need people to prepare place settings for those who come on Sunday. We set out signs because we want people to know we exist and we want to invite others to be a part of what God is doing at Ren. Setting the table is important because on Sunday morning people who come to be with us are living out a story. We want to be ready for them. If you are interested in helping to set the table email Corey at:

People to prepare the kids’ plates. Sunday morning isn’t just a meal for the adults. On Sunday morning kids eat free, but we need people to prepare their plate. We need volunteers who care about our kids and are willing to invest in their lives. This is a big deal. We want children to hear the gospel with the hope that they will believe the gospel. Lives are changed in the Village. Would you consider being a part of changing a child’s life in the Village? Email Marianna at:

To arrive brunch at 10. We want to be on time on Sunday because we want to be home when our guests arrive. Each week we communicate to others “You are invited to Renaissance.” I think it’s important we’re waiting for them when they come. Also, it’s important we arrive on time because Brandon leads us in worship. Worship is not filler. God is worthy of our worship. He is great. Lastly, I want us to come early on Sunday morning because I desire a culture of expectancy. I want us long for Christ. I want us to anticipate that God is going to do something great on Sunday because his word is being proclaimed. I don’t want us to fake passion. There is no bigger turn off than being a poser. God knows our hearts. I do, however, want to foster an attitude of anticipation. I want us to be excited about coming together.

People are going to be late. Here’s the good news: timeliness is not equal to godliness. There is no special place in heaven for people who arrive early to church. There isn’t a gated community for the time conscious. People will run late. I understand that life is messy. Sometimes it takes every ounce of strength and courage to make it on Sunday! That is why we want to make it as easy as possible for those who are running late to find a seat on Sunday. When you come early sit up front. Allow our late arriving guests the opportunity to slide into a seat without worrying about creating an unnecessary distraction.

Money for groceries. Call it a food budget if you will. I spent some time giving a brief financial update. Our financial gifts go operating expenses, insurance expenses, payroll and benefits, and to our Go Fund (missions). Our goal is to give 10% of everything that comes in away to local and global missions. Last year we gave closer to 12.5% away. As a church our total giving was around $273,000. Our operating expenses was almost $216,000. Our Go Fund outflow was nearly $34,000. Thanks for giving generously.

I’m excited about what God is doing at Ren. My prayer is that Psalm 109:27 would ring true in our church. “Let them know that this is your hand; you, O Lord, have done it.”