I’ve been reading Tullian Tchividjian’s book Jesus + Nothing = Everything. At first, the equation may seem like fuzzy math. It makes perfect sense to me. Or at least it’s starting to make perfect sense to me. I’m finding that I need to read old truths over and over again to let them sink in. I’m finding that what I thought I knew I never really did. I’m finding that there are times when God allows me to feel what I know. It doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does those are good days. This is what I read last night that I had to share. I pray it may impact you like it did me.

Tchividjian writes:

The gospel frees us form this pressure to perform, this slavish demand to “become”. The gospel liberatingly declares that in Christ “we already are.” If you’re a Christian, here’s the good news: who you really are has nothing to do with you-how much you can accomplish, who you can become, your behavior (good or bad), your strengths, your weaknesses, your sordid past, your family background, your education, your looks, and so on. Your identity is firmly anchored in Christ’s accomplishment, not yours; his strength, not yours; his performance, not yours; his victory, not yours. Your identity is steadfastly established in his substitution, not in your sin. As my friend Justin Buzzard recently said, “The gospel doesn’t just free you from what other people think about you; it frees you from what you think about yourself.” You’re free!

I love the application he draws from the aforementioned truth. This is great!

Now you can spend your life giving up your place for others instead of guarding it form others, because your identity is in Christ, not in your place. Now you can spend your energy going to the back instead of getting to the front, because our identity is in Christ, not in your position. You can also spend your life giving, not taking, because your identity is in Christ, not in your possessions. All this is our new identity–all because of Christ’s finished work declared to us in the gospel.

Ren, I hope you feel the freedom that truth provides! I’m praying God would let that soak in to my heart and it would be seen in my life.