The Gift of God

by James Metsger

Melissa’s grandma always said, “Today isn’t about the presents, it’s about his presence.” I always thought that was a bit cheesy- or a lot cheesy. It may still be but I have to give Grams some credit. She may be on to something.

God gives good gifts. He gives work that blisters our hands, stretches our minds, and brings satisfaction to our hearts. He gives the gift of his Spirit. God with us. God in us. He gives unwanted gifts, even undesirable gifts, and painful gifts that form and shape us into the image of his son, Jesus. He gives salvation from our sin and the promise of eternal life. All the gifts God gives are good gifts, but those aren’t the best gifts.

The best gift God gives is the gift of himself. This is the hope and reward for every Christian. It’s not that we get loot from God, but that we get God.

God puts gifts under our tree that we can enjoy, but he put his son on a tree so we can enjoy him. This Christmas thank God for the gift of himself. Enjoy him today. You will be enjoying him forever.

Merry Christmas.