Go ahead on in. Don’t worry about that sign. I’m sure you’ll be fine. Warning

You’d never walk into a door with this symbol, not without putting on that incredibly uncomfortable hazmat suit. You’d do it in a heartbeat to make sure you have a heartbeat. You can’t help the radiation in the room, but you can keep it from contaminating you.

Everyday we walk into a contaminated field, but we give little thought to the radiation.

Jesus said it’s worth going to extreme measures to protect your eyes from lust. His shocking statements, “Pluck out your right eye and cut off your right hand” weren’t designed to turn men into left-handed pirates. He meant, “It’s worth experiencing temporary loss for a long-term gain.”

Though I’ve never donned a hazmat uniform, something tells me it’s not like putting on sweats. When you move in one, you look like someone doing a bad robot dance. Rumor has it you heat up like a hot dog in a microwave.

When I jet out on a weekend trip alone, temptations lurk at every turn. When I go to grab some gum at the airport stores, sultry magazines sidle up next to Sports Illustrated. In the hotel. I know HBO or some pay channel is somewhere on the remote. It takes little mental energy to move from a look to a lust. Our culture sells us the fantasy – it’s just anonymous fun. But don’t be fooled, its radiation seeping into our heart.

Every man I know would love to have a satisfying marriage relationship, but few are willing to pay the temporary pain of cutting lust out of their life. Instead, we walk blindly into the contamination. Women turn into objects. Life long intimacy turns into selfish and fleeting pleasures.

It’s time for guys to suit up. Here are a few tips, but don’t let me be the only one offering some advice. Add your own comments below.

1. Know your weak spots. For me the greatest temptations come when I feel anonymous: airports, grocery stores, and being alone in a hotel room. For you it may be alone on the computer or seeing the movie channels on cable when the wife is gone for a weekend. What extreme measures are you willing to take? I know one guy who changed professions so he wouldn’t travel as much. He knew eventually he might do something he’d regret. Another guy let his wife set the code on the TV so he couldn’t watch anything R or above without her permission. Another guy gets a call from a friend every day he is gone. Billy Graham would have the TV’s removed from his hotel room before he got there. Sound extreme? Ravi Zacharias said, “Pleasure is always paid for: either before or after.” We pay for it before with self-discipline that helps us enjoy intimacy. Or we pay for it after with guilt and shame. But pleasure always has a cost.
2. “Bounce the eyes. Starve the eyes.” In Every Man’s Battle, the author opens with a story of ramming the car in front of him because he couldn’t keep his eyes off a girl jogging. I doubt Job had that problem when riding a camel, but it makes you agree with him when he said: “I have made a covenant with my eyes to not look lustfully upon any woman.” The authors of Every Man’s Battle talk about training your eyes. Every day we walk into arenas with attractive women. We either form habits of looking with lust or bouncing the eyes. Too much “eye candy” has the same affect as real sweets. A steady diet leaves you sick and may also hurt your vehicle.
3. Remember what’s at stake. I have a friend who writes down everything he would lose if he fell morally: his integrity, the respect of his kids, his spouse, his job (he’s a pastor), and his reputation. He got specific and updated it every year. Then he kept the list close to him at all times. Fear is not a bad motivator. It helps us crave the right stuff.
4. Never fight alone. Already since I’ve been in Coeur D’Alene I’ve had two guys ask me the tough questions. I may try to push God into a closet when I’m alone, but when I know a guy will ask me, “So, did you keep the eyes bouncing?” I don’t want to let him down.

Comfort is the last thing on my mind when I don the hazmat uniform. My movements feel robotic and there’s no doubt it’s hot under the collar. God calls me away from lust not because he’s a mean ogre. He just knows how deadly the radiation is. Why would we walk right into the contamination?

Where are you right now? Do you need to suit up?