Wouldn’t it be great if kids chose to study the bible on their own? As parents & Village teachers, we pray that our children will grow to desire to know God more & take time to dive into The Word for themselves to see what God says. When children spend time in the Bible, they soon realize that it’s God’s letter to them, that it’s eternal & important.

Model What’s Important

Kids learn more of what they see you do than they will ever learn by just hearing what you say. It’s crucial that we as parents pursue these things:

• Modeling the importance of personal Bible study by having one yourself.

• Modeling the importance of the Bible by using your Bible in front of them. I suggest being in the habit of using a hardcopy not just using Bible apps on your device. Kids need to see that you are truly reading from The Word. Then share with them about the passage, read it aloud and talk about it.

• Encouraging kids to bring their Bibles to The Village. Kids can open up their Bibles during both large & small group times. We do use our classroom Bibles each & every Sunday, but there’s nothing like having your own Bible on hand during study time!

• Parents, YOU really do have the most influence in your child’s life! Make it a priority to establish a family Bible study. This can be before/after a meal, first thing in the morning or before bedtime…make it your own!

Make Scripture Interesting

• Bring out the interesting and unusual facts and customs.

• Use all 5 senses to teach the Bible content.

• Use a variety of teaching methods & approaches to teach kids in the way God created them to learn.

• Get creative & make it fun! Lots of fun & meaningful tools can be found on Pinterest!

Teach Your Kids How to Use Their Bibles

• Help kids know how the Bible is arranged (e.g. – testaments, divisions).

• Help kids know how to find a book, chapter & verse.

• Introduce them early to incredible tools for studying the Bible (commentary, concordance or Bible dictionary) and share how these tools offer new insights & clarity to a Bible passage.

Parents, you truly are the most influential people in your child’s life. By inviting your child into your Bible study time & sharing your spiritual habits, it will help shape their habits as they take ownership of their faith. Keep pressing on…