He woke up early in the morning. He stayed out praying all night. He weathered storms on the sea of Galilee. He camped with the disciples. Who does any of that without java? I’m convinced the answer to WWJD (What would Jesus drink) is “coffee.” And probably black, no cream. Maybe Judas and Thomas needed cream, but not Jesus.

Jesus knew the power of one on one conversations, and some of the best conversations happen over coffee (and I’ll go ahead and say “tea” for the faint of stomach). He never quite caught onto the marketing mentality. He walked away from the crowds (Mark 1:38). John 3:16, the most marketable verse of the past 100 years, was spoken to one guy in a back alley of Jerusalem…probably over a double espresso.

If you want to see what God can do with one on one conversations, pick up the book I recommended this past weekend – Same Kind of Different as Me by Denver Moore and Ron Hall. You can see what it’s about at www.samekindofdifferentasme.com

To put our money where your mouth is – we passed out $10.00 Starbucks cards to each family. We also asked you to write down the person who you’re going to spend it on. For some of you it’s a neighbor that you’ve never met, a co-worker who annoys you, a mom from down the street, or an estranged family member. The goal isn’t to put another notch in the gospel belt – the goal is to start a relationship with no expectations other than to show interest in someone God himself loves.

If you missed the message, you can catch it on itunes under Renaissance Bible Church. After you listen to it, let me know. We’ve got a card waiting for you.