I love Sunday mornings. Sunday morning is not burdensome. It’s not drudgery. It’s not an obligation. In some ways, it’s an opportunity to experience life the way I want it to be.  It’s an opportunity to worship a God who is great and worth our praise and adoration. Sunday provides a chance for God to realign my focus and remember what in the world I’m here for.

I love Sunday mornings. When I am gone I miss being at church. I don’t think, “If only I could order my life in such a way that I could permanently live life on vacation!”

I love Sunday mornings. I love opening the Word and trying to unpack what it says for us today. God promises to do something when we speak and walk in His word. I believe God speaks when his Word is proclaimed and we can listen in. I love that even though we live in a world that vies for our attention and hurls distractions our way we can, for a moment, be still and quiet.

Sunday morning is important. It is an essential part of the Christian life. But, Sunday morning is not the whole of the Christian life.

I love Sunday mornings, but Sunday morning alone is insufficient. If our spiritual diet only consists of Sunday morning we will become spiritually malnourished. If the whole of our spiritual life is coming to church on Sunday morning we will miss God’s spiritual forest through the trees. We will see and experience a trickle of the Christian life but we will miss out on the rushing falls.

Sunday morning alone is insufficient because God calls a people to himself, not just a person. The church is made up of many parts. It’s not a one man show. (1 Cor 12:12-26)

Sunday morning alone is insufficient because we all are called to do the work of the ministry. We are at our strongest when we are working together, standing together, and moving in the same direction together. (Eph 4:11-16)

Sunday morning alone is insufficient because the life God has called us to live can not be fully and adequately expressed on Sunday morning. We can’t adequately honor one another, be of the same mind, love, edify, care, serve, be kind, carry one another’s burdens, pray for, and confess to one another on Sunday morning alone.

On Sunday morning we can isolate, we can hide, and we can avoid. We can be recognized and even memorable, but not be known. God wants us to be known.

In order to pursue the kind of community God calls us to we are encouraging our people to be a part of a group this fall. Options include a Women of Ren Bible study, men’s Wed morning prayer group, or a small group. If you desire, you can be a part of multiple groups, but our hope is that all our people will be a part of one group.

To find a group in your area email james@renbible.org