12:15 am EST Sunday morning it infiltrated our youngest child
12:15 pm EST Monday afternoon it infiltrated our eldest child
10:15 pm EST Monday night it broke through Jen’s immune system
5:00 am EST Tuesday morning, I could feel the VAT (virus advance team) working its way through my IDS (intestinal defense system).
By 3:00 pm EST Tuesday afternoon, after multiple incursions through the rear defenses, the VAT finally burst through my (FDT) frontal dental force.

The one thing children freely share is sickness. They’ll kill you over taking one Lego, but the stomach bug comes with a kiss. It’s the home version of “friendly fire.” What’s worse is that you know it’s coming. I’m just glad I live centuries after the bubonic plague.

One of my least favorite activities is throwing up. I put it up there just after the DMV line and watching the Cowboys in the playoffs. I much prefer the back end solution as opposed to the bucket brigade. But as I dealt with the house causalities and then my own recovery, I had did have time to ponder the words we taught on last week, “Cast your bread upon the waters (invest)…for you know not what disaster may happen on earth (or at the porcelain throne)” (Eccl. 11:1-2).

When you’re truly sick, the kind of sickness that sucker punches you in the gut and then plops you in the bed for a few days, you realize how little you control. Monday night I went to bed fine (though Jen kept waking me up because she had to get up every hour!), but by Tuesday morning I was in a war zone. If a microscopic bug puts us down for the count, then how much more when God decides to make “something crooked” (Eccl. 1:15; 7:13).

Now that I’m free from the bug’s grasp, I’m reminded, once again, to make the most of the moments God gives me. When you’re sick, it’s a good time to make a bucket list – not so much about the experiences I’d love to have personally, but about the people God wants me to invest in. Hopefully I’ll pass on something more than just the stomach flu.