February 13, 2007

That’s also the title of a great book by Willa Cather just in case you are
interested. I wanted to give you all an update on the state of Renaissance
this week.

– The women are going to throw down some power tonight as they gather to pray at Jan and Lee Francis’ house at 7 pm.

– The Advance team will be meeting tomorrow to discuss the nuts and bolts of putting the foundation underneath this church. Soon we all will be finding a place to help out, whether it be organizing the kids ministry to preparing our missions program to help with payroll, we’ll all be finding our spot on the wall (to borrow a theme from Nehemiah).

– I just talked through the articles of incorporation with Don this afternoon and so we should have our account set up by tomorrow – so we can start sending in those tithe checks!

– Our hope is to start meeting weekly on Sunday, February 25th for a Bible Study. Morning or evening will depend on the place we can meet.

A few things to be praying for:

1. A place to meet on a weekly basis. We are praying for a spot that we can meet on Sunday morning. However we may only have a spot on Sunday nights. For now Cox Mill Road is open, but we are evaluating other options as well. Highland Creek elementary is a no as well as Odel School Rd.

2. Pray that we will all be flexible and maintain a sensitivity to the Spirit in the early days of this church. Our goal is to build a solid foundation, but foundation work is not always easy or comfortable. Pray that we can be gracious towards each other and believe the best when things don’t go as expected.

3. If you think about it, pray that our house would sell in the next month. And we have put a bid on a foreclosure that we really like in Highland Creek – we hopefully will hear back in the next day or two whether or not we got it.

4. Pray for Taylor Gibbs (leukemia) and his parents as they go through this trial.

5. Pray for our friends Christian and Susan Werner as they are planning on having a baby this week.

6. Pray for Brent and Nicole Vickers and their daughter, Ashton who is now at home and doing well.

If you haven’t already, pull out Acts 2:42-47 sometime this week. Notice
what the early church focused on – and should still be a model for us today.
While the methods might change, our pursuit of teaching, fellowship, eating
together (it’s in there!), and praying should be a hallmark of every church.
When you see the words, “Devoted themselves” in 42, that word devoted
connotes “a fierce dedication.” They were fiercely dedicated to building the
early church through these means.

Look forward to all that God has done and is about to do.

In Him,