Life is filled with both good news and bad news. Jesus delivers both. We need both. Without the reality of the bad news, the good news is not needed. Without the hope of the good news, the bad news will cripple and crush us.

The bad news that the Bible contains, that’s heard in the teachings of Christ, and experienced in life, is exposed for what it is—sin. Often we respond to this news by hiding from sin, blaming others for sin, downplaying sin, or denying our sin. Jesus confronts and exposes sin. Thankfully, when our sin is exposed we are not left to ourselves to pick up the pieces and fix what is broken. We couldn’t if we tried. Instead, Jesus offers freedom from the prison of sin. He extends a key to unlock the prison door.

Freedom is only found in faith in the sufficient work of Jesus. To experience this kind of life-giving freedom is to feel the joy of:

Being set free from the eternal penalty of sin. That does not mean there are not consequences for our sin. It does mean there is no condemnation for our sin.

Being freed from the power of sin. This process lasts a lifetime. Being freed from the power of sin doesn’t mean that you are sinless. It doesn’t mean you will experience sinless perfection. It does mean that you are no longer powerless to fight your sin.
Being delivered from the presence of sin. Today isn’t that day, but there will be a day!

We belittle the work of Christ when we try to add to the work of Christ. Pastor and author Tim Keller writes, “Christ will do everything for you, or nothing. You can not combine merit and grace.”  Thankfully, by God’s grace, we don’t have to.

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