This past Sunday our church met Daniel Rassum. Or at least we saw a few pics and heard about how this homeless crack addict was given another chance.

Back in June the Samson Pirate Monk Cruise moored at Renaissance Bible Church. After hearing convicting and pithy phrases like “there is no manhood without brotherhood,” and “Jesus called us to a personal relationship not a private one,” Nate Larkin and his pirate monks set sail to Winston Salem.

Over breakfast at a Whole Foods, before they rushed off to their next appointment, God interrupted. They didn’t ignore Him.

Many “conference type speakers” tell a good tale, but you always wonder if they practice what they so eloquently preach. Nate and his guys are the real deal. Read about Daniel and how a road trip turned into a life-altering journey. Check it out at Samson

They know a little about the Amazing Chase.