O Pioneers,

Wow, John Karant set me up on a blog – you know, the trend that has swept across the world that probably none of us do. We’ll see if it sticks! It’s actually a cool way to communicate and check in on what is happening with the church or just muse on various and sundry items.

For those of you Renaissance folks, here are some updates:

1. We had a great meeting this morning with what we are now calling the “Advance Team.” I realized that “Advisory Team” just didn’t fit because we will be getting advice from everyone on our launch team. You all have a ton to offer and we will take advantage of it. I’m reading a great book on WWI right now that highlghted General “BlackJack” Pershing’s advance team that had to go over to France first to prepare the way for the hundreds of thousands of troops that were on their way. This team was responsible for building the vast infrastructure for the army to come. In the same way, this small team will be heading up all of us as we seek to build the infrastructure of this church. If you haven’t already, you will be getting calls or emails about your vital role as we get ready for launch. The team consists of:Brian Goins, Don Meredith, Lee Francis, Jeremy Davidson, Dale Fite, Dave Burns, Todd Knepper, Jan Francis, and John Karant.

2. We will be opening a bank account today or tomorrow and will get the information out to you post haste so those checks can start rolling in. We will set up online banking so you will be able to send it over the internet as well.

3. Cox Mill Elementary is our #1 option as far as a meeting place is concerned. We will update you as soon as we hear the final affirmation, but right now plan on Sunday afternoons at around 4ish. Sunday mornings are booked right now and we thought it would be great to have our Bible Study and then all eat together for dinner – again just following our Acts 2:42 principle.

4. UNC got beat last night by Va Tech at home. I’m bitter, but at least we beat Duke last week.

Love you guys,