Youth Director Position Profile:

Purpose: To be used by God to help partner with parents to disciple students by providing leadership and direction for students 6-12 grade.

Hours: 15 hours a week

Position Responsibilities:
Personal Walk with Christ
● A commitment to share your rescue story
● A pursuit of spiritual growth (growing to think, act, and love like Christ) by the power of the Spirit
● A commitment to go into our community and world with the good news of the Gospel

Responsibilities and expectations:
● Meet with students in group and individual setting on a weekly basis
● Teach students how to study and apply the Bible to their lives
● Prepare and challenge students to know what they believe and why they believe it
● Intentionally develop appropriate relationships with students outside of regular meeting times
● Maintain consistent communication with parents and church leadership through weekly emails
● Teach students how to share their stories, grow in Christ-likeness, and give them opportunities to go into
our community and world with the gospel.
● Develop leadership within the youth group by giving older students an opportunity to lead the younger students
● Plan quarterly youth events
● Plan youth camp or retreat once a year
● Under the supervision of lead pastor choose an age appropriate curriculum for students

● Have a working knowledge of Scripture
● Have a growing relationship with Christ
● Have a passion to see students discipled
● Ability to connect well with students and partner with parents
● Agreement with Ren’s statement of beliefs found on our website (
● Prefer someone who is able to commit to the role for at least two years.

 If interested please send a resume to