For those of you that missed our Easter Eggstravaganza, we had a blast at the Burns’ new home in Winding Walk. You’ll see a few pics of our time together. 47 of us filled up the house (and I still think we could have put in another 20 and not felt it! Don’t tell that to Dave and Shannon).

As we gathered that afternoon I thought about a few things.

There’s something big about being small. In a culture of of email and blogs, packed schedules and buzzing blackberry’s, think about the last time you spent a few hours having an eyeball to eyeball conversation, hung out with some guys on the couch watching the Masters, or watched your kids scour a back yard for hidden chocolate.

A couple of things I felt:

1. I didn’t feel rushed.
2. I didn’t have an agenda.
3. I wanted more.

People desire connection – and it takes time, intentionality, and usually a honey baked ham. The big thing about being small is that we can offer people opportunities to be known and to know others; learn Scripture in a less formal setting; and linger over a meal and discover they aren’t alone in something as serious as how to raise a difficult child or something as superficial as finding someone else actually watches “Deadliest Catch.”

What a great thing to share with others. Don’t feel like you need to wait to invite friends for an “official launch.” Let them know where we are as a church. That we are pioneering a new work, that we feel the freedom to be flexible, and that we don’t have everything figured out yet. But if you want something that feels a bit like family, don’t wait, jump in now. Our smallness may be the most attractive aspect of our church right now. If people are expecting all the programs of a big church, they can wait a little while. But if they want a big opportunity to connect, come while we all still fit in one house for dinner!

Thanks for a great Resurrection Day.