In case you need a next step from Hebrews 13 here are a few suggestions:

Show brotherly love. Let brotherly love continue.

We are spending the summer evaluating our groups at Ren. In September we will launch new groups. Be praying for our new group leaders and for an openness for our people to be a part of a group.

Practice hospitality. Do not neglect showing hospitality to strangers.

Invite someone over to your home. Open your front door. Ask someone you don’t know over to break bread. Be willing to share your life with those around you.

Walk in their shoes. Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them…

Remember those in prison as if you were in their shoes. Visit and pray for your brothers and sisters who are being persecuted for the faith.

Honor marriage. Let marriage be held in honor among all.

Become a student of marriage. You won’t have a strong marriage if you don’t work on your marriage. It’s not always easy, but the best things in life are never the easiest things in life. Read Don and Sally’s book 2 Becoming 1. There’s a great workbook that goes along with the book. It’s well written and worth the investment. Additionally, attend a Weekend to Remember. Melissa and I attended one years ago. It was one of the best things we’ve done for our marriage. Visit to find out the schedule.

Learn the secret of contentment. Keep your life free from the love money, and be content with what you have

Fight a love for money and a lack of contentment by pursuing a big picture of God. Spend time in the word. Consider how God moves and acts. Contemplate his character.  Read a good theology book.

Remember your leaders. Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God

There is probably someone who God has placed in your life that taught you the word. Thank God for them. Send them a note and say “Thanks!”. Give them a call and let them know about the impact they have had. It will make their day.

Don’t drink the Kool-Aid. Don’t be led away by diverse and strange teachings  

Learn. Grow. Study, but don’t be tossed about by every wind and wave of teaching. Be a student of the real thing and you’ll recognize a fake. Be in the word and learn from others who have been shaped by the word. Read a introductory theology book like Christian Belief: 20 Things Every Christian Should Know or Wayne Grudem’s Bible Doctrine.

Learning to share is not just a lesson you learn in kindergarten. Do not neglect to do good and share share what you have

Don’t grow weary of doing good. God will give you opportunities to do good and, through you, will help meet the needs of others. Ask the Spirit to open your eyes to a world of possibilities around you.

Pray. Pray for Renaissance

Pray for our church and for our leaders. Ask God to give us wisdom as we lead and grant us discernment as we consider our next steps. Pray that lives will be changed and God will be glorified. Ask God to help us make a difference in our community and world for him. Pray God will change our affections so we might be passionate about the things God is passionate about and care about the people He cares about.