It is our desire to share God’s Story with the children in a way that they can learn to study Scripture, offer praise and worship, pray with others, and grow their faith through reading the bible, discussion and activities. However, Sunday is just one day of the week…there are 6 more days so, what happens to making a BIG deal about God on those days? That is where parents and the Village can join together.

As a parent, YOU, are the single most influential person in your child’s life! I don’t know about you, but that statement is filled with mixed emotions for me personally. Honestly, it’s a bit scary to think that one day, I will need to give an account for how I cared for, loved, and taught my boys. I know I fall short in SO many ways, but then I’m reminded that God ultimately does the work!!! He loves our kids more than we do and He has a plan for each of their lives! If He knows the number of hairs on their head, then surely we can be confident that He will guide and protect them. I don’t mean the road will always be easy, but we can move forward in submission and trust that God has our kids! That brings about peace and hope in parenting!

I think one of best ways to share the Gospel with your children is to be real and honest. If we want to help our kids grow spiritually then we need to model it for them. Tell them about your own need for Jesus and the power of His grace! We need His wisdom daily…at least I do and so do my kids. Let’s share the good news of God’s grace with our kids, not because of anything they do or don’t do, but because of everything Jesus has already done for them…and us!

Here are some ideas for practical ways, to model for your kids, a heart that seeks Him. Include your children bible reading time. Invite your kids to listen to the passage as you read. Talk about it and pray together. Maybe carve out a family devotional time after a meal or before bedtime. There are wonderful kid-friendly bibles to make it come alive for kids. Our check the Bible App. Did you know it offers a bunch of reading plans for kids and families? Check out the Gospel Project for Kids App. This follows along with our Sunday studies by offering Key Verses, games, etc.

Do you want to hide His Word in your heart? Find some fun ways to memorize Scripture as a family (silly motions, post them in lunch boxes, on mirrors, etc). This can take a few minutes, but can impact their hearts and minds for eternity! A great way to memorize Scripture is by singing!! Turn your radio to K-Love or grab a copy of the GO FISH GUYS cd or SEEDS FAMILY WORSHIP cd. We use these in the Village and they are a great (FUN) tool for the whole family!

Take time to pray with your children. Teach them to pray not just a blessing at meal time, but to pray and seek forgiveness and wisdom during times of an unruly and sinful heart. Pray in times of great joy by giving thanks to our Lord! Encourage your children to pray for YOU or a sibling. It is so humbling to have someone pray for you before our awesome and mighty God! Also, GO together. Find ways to share the love of Jesus with neighbors, at school, or where you go. Be a light to those around your family. Above all, fix your eyes on the Lord and share the good news with your kiddos!