Nate Larkin, author of Samson and the Pirate Monks sailed into town this week. After a Saturday seminar with the guys and a Sunday sermon on Samson, I jotted down a few thoughts.
• Manhood requires brotherhood. One of my favorite lines from the book, “while Jesus does offer a personal relationship to every one of his disciples, he never promises any of us a private one.” The “self-made man” may have a fat portfolio, but he is skinny on relational capital. Only one truly matters.
• We are both pirate and monk. The reformers called it being sinners and saints. There’s something wild in us, pushed too far, becomes trouble; and there’s something spiritual in us, pushed too far, becomes self-righteousness. We must keep the pirate out of wild waters and the monk out of the ivory tower without losing the authenticity of both.
• “What are you doing? What are you thinking? What are you thinking of doing?” Love that line of questioning. The other one you’ll hear me ask guys now is, “So what is the one thing you didn’t want to tell me.”
• Meetings aren’t for everyone, but brothers are. Samson groups may not float your boat, but I’d wager all of us need a Silas. As a church I would love to see Samson meetings pop up from the grass roots. But I believe from the top down we need to identify who our “and” guy is. If you’ll look through Scripture you’ll see authentic men had “and” guys. David AND Jonathon; Peter AND John; Paul AND Barnabas; Barnabas AND John Mark; Paul AND Silas. King Saul had no “and” guy. Samson had no “and” guy. Whose you’re “and” guy?

Guys – I know I didn’t snatch up all the gold doubloons from this weekend. Share your best nugget from the weekend in the “Leave a Comment” section. Or we’ll swing ye up on the yard arm…