Position: Worship Arts Leader
Purpose: To provide leadership and direction for our Sunday morning worship experience and ‘grow’ the worship ministry at Ren
Overseer: James Metsger
Hours: 16 hours a week

Position Responsibilities

Personal Walk with Christ

  • A commitment to share your rescue story
  • A pursuit of spiritual growth (growing to think, act, and love like Christ) by the power of the Spirit
  • A commitment to go into our community and world with the good news of the Gospel Preparation/Administration
  • Work with pastor(s) as they plan the purpose and theme for Sunday morning
  • Schedule musicians (instrumentalists and vocalists)
  • Assemble set list, charts, and any tools to lead the rehearsal in a timely manner
  • Schedule and direct regular rehearsals for the worship team
  • Assist with preparation of additional worship elements for the Sunday service
  • Work with other Sunday morning service elements and team members (sound, audio, video, drama) as needed
  • Worship Leadership
  • Prepare yourself and the team spiritually for the Sunday morning experience.
  • Promote engaging worship, not a performance atmosphere. Engage team and congregation to help them encounter the living God.
  • Assess and encourage musical and spiritual growth, while creating a cohesive and accountable team who leads the congregation to participatory worship.
  • Develop and mentor musicians and potential worship leadership within the team.
  • Demonstrate fruits of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-24) and accountable relationships within the body.
  • Support the mission and vision of Renaissance to wake the soul of suburbia with the gospel of Christ.
  • Musical Proficiency
  • Solo-service leading ability, in Sunday or other ministry settings.
  • Proficiency in either guitar or keyboard skills. Experience in leading a band and arranging vocal backup.
  • Ability to chart music for players and singers, including transposition and arranging capabilities.
  • Versatility in playing and leading for both band and acoustic settings as appropriate.

If you’d like to submit a resume or for more info please contact james@renbible.org and jhartsock1@gmail.com